Diablo III in 2880×1800 on new retina MacBook Pro; iOS 6 announced

Apple has revealed its new line of MacBook Pro laptops that for the first time include retina-display.

That’s Apple’s name for its ultra-high pixel density screens, first debuted in iPhone 4 and later included in the iPad 3. These new MacBooks will have a resolution of 2880×1800. That’s far in excess of the 1920×1080 resolutions seen on modern HD TVs.

Inside is a quad-core i7 CPU (up to 2.7GHz), GeForce GT 650M GPU, up to 16GB or RAM and up to 768GB of flash storage. Prices start at an eye-watering 1,799 and go over 3,000 for the top of the range model.

The game chosen to debut the machine was an interesting pick, too – Blizzard’s Diablo III.

Apple has also revealed the next evolution of its iPhone and iPad operating system, iOS 6.

For gamers Apple has promised new features designed to better promote games in a newly redesigned App Store. The idea is, partially at least, to address concerns of developers who have claimed that their software is too hard to find on a portal that now houses over 650,000 apps.

In the same was as Twitter was integrated into iOS 5, Facebook will become a core part of functionality in iOS 6.

Game Center is to get some new bells and whistles, too, with gamers able to send challenges” to their friends. Apple says that over 130m users have registered for Game Center since its launch in September 2010. 67 per cent of the App Store’s Top 100 games now integrate Game Center support.

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