DICE eyes up early access model for future Battlefield titles

The Battlefield studio says it’s looking to include players into the development of the shooter as early as possible.

EA has already rolled out a Battlefield Hardline beta for PS4 and PC users – which in itself could be considered early access – but DICE is now looking at early access business models for future releases.

We have nothing to announce, but we are having discussions when it comes to [early access],” DICE general manager Karl Magnus Troedsson told GameInformer.

Big name publishers have previously come under fire over their consideration of adopting early access given the model was originally designed to aid smaller developers help fund their releases.

It comes not from a business perspective, but more from a perspective of if it would help us have a stable launch of the game,” said Troedsson.

EA is far from strapped from cash but has indeed suffered a number of troubled launches including SimCity and Battlefield 4.

We probably wouldn’t open the floodgates for everyone, but we might do it for geographical territories or people who bought the last game,” added Troedsson.

It is something we are considering, not from a business standpoint, but from one of creating quality in our products.”

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