DIGITAL BRITAIN: Pressure mounts on file-sharers

Regulating body Ofcom is to be given the power to demand that ISPs hand over account information concerning people who persist is sharing files over the internet.

ISPs will also be required to inform users that their inappropriate activity must cease, and will be encouraged to cut the connections of the biggest offenders.

All of this comes from the government’s Digital Britain report, which will require ISPs to cut file sharing on their networks by 70 per cent in the next 12 months. The Report was light on specifics, but does signify the government’s most aggressive ever drive to quash the rise in internet piracy.

A consultation period will take place shortly in which details and an action plan can be thrashed out.

The early response from ISPs has been largely negative, with some voicing concerns about the cost of these new requirements and others expressing discomfort at the idea of harvesting and handing out user’s personal information.

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