Digital central to Namco’s restructure

The need to adapt to the increasingly digital games market was the driving force behind Namco Bandai’s decision to combine its Games and Network divisions, US VP of marketing Carlson Choi has told MCV.

"Previously, there were different brands that one of these departments had access to that the other one didn’t," he stated.

"Putting these two departments together means the likes of Tekken, Ace Combat, Inversion and so on can now be accessed by all the development teams.

"The other side of interest is digital. About three years ago digital accounted for one per cent of most publishers’ revenue, today it’s about 15 per cent. And this is an area that again the Network business knows very well because they were developing XBLA and PSN games. So for us it was a natural transition. It took affect from January 1st 2011."

To read the full interview with Choi, click here.

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