Digital game revenue to reach $58bn by 2019, according to Juniper

Research firm Juniper projects worldwide digital content revenue will reach $154bn annually by 2019, with gaming expected to represent the largest share of that total.

Games Industry has word on a portion of Juniper’s findings from its Digital Content Business Models: OTT & Operator Strategies 2015-2019 report, which shows gaming will account for 38 per cent of all digital revenue in 2019 – totaling $58.52bn.

Valve and its Steam platform are highlighted as key drivers in the industry’s transition away from physical formats. That said, the firm expects digital revenue from consoles and handhelds will diminish as gamers continue to gravitate towards tablets and smartphones in larger number each year.

Juniper’s findings add companies that offer consumers a variety of digital content – such as Amazon, Apple and Google – are in the best situation to take advantage of the fluctuating market. The company indicates that when a consumer uses an over the top” operation for multiple services, they become less likely to abandon any single service on that platform

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