Digital Homicide drops case against Steam users

Digital Homicide has dropped its controversial court case against Steam users after running out of funds.

Just a few weeks ago Digital Homicide decided to sue 100 Steam users for harassment, which in turn got all of their titles removed from Steam after a subpoena was sent to Valve requesting information on the users.

This has now led to the company no longer having the funds to continue the case and as a result they have filed to have the case dismissed and get a refund on any court fees.

Interestingly Digital Homicide want the case dismissed without prejudice, which would mean they can refile the case in the future without any legal ramifications, should they find some cash from somewhere.

As far as digital homicide? It’s destroyed,” said James Romine, one of the owners of Digital Homicide, when speaking to Tech Raptor. It’s been stomped into the ground from a thousand directions and use is discontinued. We weren’t some evil censoring dudes. If someone didn’t like the game they could leave a bad review and refund – no hard feelings here at all. The problem real problem was reoccurring returning attackers for in some cases 20 months.”

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