DingIt TV launches Level Up Media, with two new sites coming later this year

DingIt TV’s parent company has today announced that it’s launched Level Up Media to build its media and technology business.

DingIt TV will remain Level Up Media’s flagship destination for consumers, but the new division will also be launching two brand new gaming sites later this year. These will cater to different parts of the gaming community by licensing an extensive library of gaming on-demand video.

The first of these will be www.TheGamer.tv, which will focus on content catering to console and AAA gaming titles, while DingIt TV remains focused on eSports and competitive titles. The second site will be www.GoGamer.tv, which will have moderated content specifically selected for viewers under 13 years of age. All elements and adverts will be vetted to suit that audience as well.

Level Up Media will add content to its network from third party creators by paying them a licence fee, separating the creative process and content marketing into two separate partnerships. The company hopes this will give creators a longer term and more reliable revenue stream, allowing them to invest in their videos more heavily.

Level Up Media also says that each licence fee will be reflective of the quality of a creator’s content, and will be regularly reviewed by the company. In most cases, content licensing will be non-exclusive, allowing creators to grow their audiences across multiple platforms.

With these partnerships, Level Up Media says it hopes to expand its video library to over 25,000 premium gaming clips across a range of titles and genres by the end of the year.

2017 is going to be a very exciting year for our company," Level Up Media CEO Chris Gale stated. "The new brand and mission will allow us to expand our offering in a way that facilitates long term success for all our contributors, partners and the gaming community as a whole.”

As interest in gaming video expands, so do the communities that are formed around the content. Rather than forcing all these separate communities and interests into a single site, we appreciate that different gamers have different tastes and see a need to provide hubs of like-minded fans to enjoy and engage with the content they love.”

He added: "With a typical revenue share model, the two very different skills of creating and promoting content are forced together in order to find success. Through our license fee agreements we are able to help our creators focus on what they do best – generate amazing videos while giving the opportunity to grow their audience by rewarding partners who can promote our content library. By allowing different partners to focus on their own skillset, both are able to thrive.”

DingIt TV originally launched in 2015, and has since attracted 25m monthly users and thousands of content creators. In the second half of last year, DingIt TV saw a growth of 63 per cent in monthly sessions compared to the first six months of 2016, as well as an increase of 220 per cent in time watched, and a 177 per cent increase in total revenue.

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