Disney announces ambitious multi-IP gaming platform – Infinity

Last night, Disney revealed Infinity, its most ambitious gaming project, and one that aims to bring several popular Disney and Pixar IP under one creative gaming platform.

Infinity games will be available across multiple devices, such as PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U and PC as well as smart mobile devices and future consoles. It will let players experience original adventures in some of their favorite Disney and Pixar worlds” and also build their own worlds”.

Much like Activision’s successful Skylanders property, Infinity will also extend beyond the games. Players will be able to purchase figurines and action figures that will help further enhance their in-game experiences.

The Infinity platform will comprise of two components – the Play Set will be the more traditional form of gameplay – puzzles, combat, exploration, multiplayer, etc; while Toy Box is populated as you purchase collectible action figures, vehicles and gadgets and incorporate them into the virtual world. Items within the Toy Box can also be shared with friends.


The initial offerings in Disney Infinity include:

  • Interactive Pieces: 40 collectible interactive pieces to help expand and customize the gameplay experience.
  • Character Figures: 17 character figures, which can also be experience in Infinity’s Toy Box mode.
  • Base: Placing figures on the Base unlocks bonus content and new gameplay experiences within Infinity.
  • Power Discs: Used to power up characters and Toy Box with unique powers, customisations and gadgets when placed on the Base.

Disney Infinity is set to launch in June.

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