Disney pledges IP restraint

Media giant and powerhouse IP stable Disney has insisted that it won’t release video games based on its popular movie licenses as a matter of routine – instead, it will only do so when the gaming release serves a proven sector of the market.

For instance, the next big theatrical release is Alice in Wonderland,” Disney Interactive Media Group president Stephen Wadsworth told MCV.

We have great games for that but just for Wii and DS. We also look at something like The Jonas Brothers on The Disney Channel and ask ourselves ‘what can we do with that?’”

Wadsworth also insists that Disney is now far better positioned to become a powerhouse in the games space than at any other time in its history.

I have been at the company for almost 17 years and I’d say that in the last four years, we have become much, much better, particularly in our space,” he added.

In interactive media the growth has continued to increase, and so we get the call earlier than we did in years past. There was a time when we’d get the call when they were well into the process; now it’s right at the beginning.”

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