Disney reveals video game movie Wreck-It Ralph

Disney used its recent D23 Expo to unveil a brand new animated film that revolves around the life of video game characters.

Whereas Toy Story told the tale of what toys the do the minute our backs are turned, Wreck-It Ralph will do the same for video game icons.

It is being directed by The Simpsons’ Rich Moore and is due for release in late 2012.

Ralph himself is an 8-bit game character famed for smashing buildings, but secretly he craves the admiration garnered by in-game rival Fix-It Felix. So, he abandons his support group (which has a Pac-Man ghost amongst its members) to look for a game where he can be the good guy.

Although Pac-Man is the first confirmed gaming IP to appear in the film, Disney says that plenty of others have already been lined up.

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