Disney UTV launches IPL Cricker Fever 2013 for Android

Season 6 of the Indian Premier League is well underway, and accompanying it is the IPL’s official mobile game – IPL Cricker Fever 2013, which is out now for Android devices.

Featuring all the official teams and players from the current IPL season, IPL Cricket Fever 2013’s gameplay revolves around scoring the most runs in one, three, or five-over games. Gameplay is swipe-based and consists of batting only, aided by motion-captured animations and real-time physics.

Players can set challenges for their friends either through the game or via Facebook, and also take up challenges set by their friends to earn points.

Completing challenges moves players up the leaderboard and earns them new skill levels, and the game also features a team leaderboard, whereby points earned by completing challenges also helps your chosen IPL team to move up the ranks. The game also rewards players with daily bonuses if their team tops the leaderboard.

IPL Cricket Fever 2013 is a free download through Google Play, but you can purchase ‘cheerleaders’ from the game’s in-game store to cheer you on when you score 6s and 4s.

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