Divinity: Original Sin jumping from PC to consoles

Critically acclaimed PC RPG Divinity: Original Sin is to receive an ‘Enhanced Edition’ release on PS4 and Xbox one.

Furthermore, existing PC owners will also upgraded to the new release for free.

Developer Larian Studios says the game has been reworked for controllers and will receive a new split-screen co-op mode. Dialogues will also be fully voiced. There are new quests and characters, all-new gameplay modes, a new ending to compliment the rewritten story and massively” reworked visuals and SFX.

The game was successfully Kickstarted last year, raising $944k – well ahead of its $400k goal. The game went on to become one the highest rated crowdfunded titles ever, hitting 87 per cent on Metacritic.

As of September 2014 the game had sold well over” 500k units.

[This] is a completely separate game, not an update,” the studio said. Both games will remain available on PC and Mac, and it is important to note that they are totally different entities.

This means that saved games can’t be transferred from Divinity: Original Sin to the Enhanced Edition. This is largely because of the technical changes we’ve made to how the game looks and feels, but the story has also been rewritten so heavily that most saved games would no longer be compatible with the plot.

From the very first day of production, we designed the Enhanced Edition to be optimized for DirectX 11 graphics. For our Windows players, this means that Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition will require a 64-bit system and a graphics card with DirectX 11 hardware support.

However, both editions of the game will remain available to everyone on Steam, so Windows players with 32-bit systems and DirectX 9 will always be able to play Divinity: Original Sin.”

Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition does not yet have a release date.

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