DJ Hero: Renegade Edition revealed

Publisher Activision Blizzard has announced a second SKU to compliment its upcoming DJ Hero – the Jay-Z and Eminem endorsed DJ Hero: Renegade.

Activision hasn’t yet revealed its UK pricing for the standard DJ Hero SKU, though estimates put it anywhere between 89.99 and 109.99. Guitar Hero was priced at 69.99 when it first arrived in 2005.

How much of a premium Activision can hope to charge for the Renegade Edition is yet to be seen.

What punters will get for their extra money is a ‘premium’ Renegade turntable controller, a carry case that transforms into a performance stand and an exclusive Jay-Z and Eminem CD.

Gamers are looking at an increasingly high outlay this Q4. Activision has already shook retail with news of its 54.99 RRP for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and those wishing for the unbelievable Prestige Pack face paying over double that amount.

Add to that the number of titles on the way that require the use of expensive peripherals – examples include DJ Hero, Tony Hawk: Ride, The Beatles: Rock Band, Wii Fit Plus.

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