DK Country Returns tops 4m sales

Donkey Kong Country Returns has sold 4.21m units worldwide since it went on sale last month.

The Wii game – released on December 3rd – joins 14 other top-selling Nintendo titles. These include New Super Mario Bros on DS which has sold a total of 26.2m copies and Wii Fit Plus which has sold 17.7m units.

As reported by Eurogamer, the data also reveals that Pokmon Black and White have sold over 5m units while DS chart-topper Art Academy has sold 1.5m. The new Pokmon games are due out on March 4th in the UK.

New Super Mario Bros on DS shifted 3.73m copies between April and December 2010 while the Wii equivalent sold just over 6.5m copies.

The following Nintendo games sold more than 1m copies between April and December 2010. Here are their lifetime sales to date:

Top-selling Wii games

– Mario Kart Wii – 26,500,000 units
– Wii Sports Resort – 26,350,000 units
– New Super Mario Bros Wii – 21,280,000 units
– Wii Fit Plus – 17,740,000 units
– Super Mario Galaxy 2 – 6,150,000 units
– Wii Party – 5,070,000 units
– Donkey Kong Country Returns – 4,210,000 units
– Super Mario All-Stars Limited Edition – 1,950,000 units
– Kirby’s Epic Yarn – 1,380,000 units

Top-selling DS games

– New Super Mario Bros DS – 26,210,000 units
– Mario Kart DS – 20,700,000 units
– Pokmon HeartGold and SoulSilver – 11,720,00 units
– Pokmon Black and White – 5,320,000 units
– Art Academy – 1,520,000 units
– Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem – 1,152,000 units

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