DmC misses 2012, dated for Janaury ’13

Capcom has announced a release date for its new Devil May Cry title DmC – and the bad news is the game will miss 2012.

Fortunately, it won’t miss it by much – DmC will now be released on January 15th 2013 in the US.

The PC version will arrive later” that year.

DmC sees Capcom once again handing its IP over to a Western studio, with UK developer Ninja Theory handling this new take on the franchise.

Whilst the revelation of Dante’s new OMG its not blond!!! like n teh other gamez LOLZ” haircut last year led to an impressive level of nerd rage, the game stays true to the series’ Japanese roots and once again sees our favourite demon hunter giving it large with huge swords and hand guns.

Capcom has predicted global sales of around 2m units for the game.

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