Doctor Who: The Adventure Games writer penning Capaldi Who episode

The man who wrote the BBC’s free Doctor Who: The Adventure Series has been tasked with writing an episode for upcoming Doctor Who series starring Peter Capaldi.

Phil Ford is writing the second of Capaldi’s episodes, which began filming yesterday and are expected to air later this year. This follows his first appearance in the show after the regeneration of the Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith in the BBC’s Christmas Day special The Time of the Doctor.

Ford is no stranger to the Tardis. As well as being responsible for the vast bulk of the writing in all four of the BBC’s PC games, he also wrote 2009 Doctor Who TV special The Waters of Mars, which starred Tenth Doctor David Tennant.

He was also the lead writer for the second series of Doctor Who TV spin-off The Sarah Jane Adventures, an animated Doctor Who adventure and an episode of Torchwood.

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