Don’t Starve surpasses 1m players, Klei mulling Vita and mobile

Indie developer Klei Entertainment has revealed its open world survival horror game Don’t Starve has accumulated 1m players on the PC platform alone.

Speaking with Edge, Klei’s Corey Rollins revealed the figure was actually reached ahead of the title’s release on PS4.

Well before the end of 2013 we had over one million Don’t Starve players,” Rollins said.

Don’t Starve launched on PC, Mac, and Linux last April. The PS4 version, which is currently available as a free download for PlayStation Plus subscribers, arrived earlier this month.

With PlayStation Plus, beyond promotion of being a featured game, a lot of people who maybe wouldn’t have tried our game did [try it] and really enjoyed it. Some of those people went on to check out the PC version as well, and would maybe be interested in the upcoming DLC.”

Rollins didn’t mention how many additional players the PS4 version has added to the game’s grand total, but things are going well enough for the studio to consider other platforms – including PS Vita, as well as tablet and mobile versions.

We’re investigating a proper Vita version at the moment, but we’re not quite sure yet. Currently, a lot of people play Don’t Starve: Console Edition using the PS4′s remote play, and really enjoy it. So we’re looking into a proper Vita release.

As for iOS and mobile, that is something we’ve also been investigating and we think might work, but it’s not at the front of our development priorities right now. It’s still on our radar, though.”

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