Doom co-creator Romero is working on a new FPS

One of the first person shooting genre’s founding fathers is working on a brand new FPS.

Doom co-creator John Romero told Joystiq that he’s working on several games at once right now” and that: "I haven’t made a shooter since 2000. So I’m basically starting to work on another one."

It is being made at social game studio Romero Games.

The 2000 shooter referenced was Eidos’ Daikatana, which is just one of a rich list of titles Romero has worked on including Wolfenstein 3D and Quake.

Just last month MCV named Doom as one of the 10 games that have shaped the evolution of video gaming.

By the early ‘90s the foundations of the traditional games industry as we know it were all in place. The next stage of the industry’s evolution would come not from new hardware, but from new ways of using the tools already in place,” we said.

Creators were planting the first seeds of what would become the first person shooter as far back as the early ‘70s and you could very comfortably argue that 1992’s Wolfenstein 3D was the pioneer of what would later go on to become the dominant genre in the Western games market, but really it was 1993’s Doom that changed the expectations of consumers and established a whole new wave of obsessive gamers.

Although it stuck true to Wolfenstein’s template, its expansion beyond flat levels to fully 3D worlds inspired a whole new generation. And there’s no escaping the fact that its ultra-violence also unearthed a new fan base that while not interested in plumbers and hedgehogs most definitely was interesting in shooting demons in the face.

Doom is also one of the earliest examples of as title whose rise to dominance was in no way harmed by a blanket media outcry. Its combination of gunplay and demonic imagery ushered in a whole new era of post-video nasty video game demonization – selling millions of additional games in the process.”

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