DotA 2 documentary unveiled as Valve’s movie project

Valve has confirmed previous reports and teases that the company is in production on a gaming-related film, unveiling a documentary focused on pro circuit players competing in the annual Dota 2 tournament The International.

Gabe Newell revealed that his company is producing the film on GTTV late last week, providing an accompanying teaser trailer as well. Valve had registered a pair of film-related domains last month, tipping us off to the project.

Dota 2’s The International is, as it sounds, a gathering of the best MOBA-style players in the world coming together to compete for glory and huge cash prizes.

The film aims to show both the pursuit of reaching the pinnacle of the craft, along with giving a more personal look on how the competitors and their loved ones handle being invested into the profession day to day.

This next leg of this year’s event takes place at PAX Prime later this month, where the documentary’s crew will be on hand to continue to gather footage.

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