Dota 2 gets weekend tournaments for everyone to enter

Valve has added weekend tournaments to Dota 2, allowing everyone to take part in some competitive action.

The Summer Battle Cup season will feature new tournaments every Saturday at 7pm until the end of August. Teams of five players will party up and take part in an eight team single elimination bracket. Win three games and you are the champion, lose once and you are out.

In order to enter the tournament each player in the team will require a ticket, which cost $0.99 in the Dota 2 store. Battle pass owners receive a free ticket just for owning a battle pass, with a further five tickets being granted at level 137.

Each player on the winning team will receive 15 battle pass levels, a battle cup trophy to display on your profile and champion prestige effects, which last for one week. These effects include profile effects, a streak counter, custom emotes and a battle cup champion effigy.

To compete you must have a full five stack in a party when you begin the search for a game. Opponents will be found based on the highest tournament tier ranking in your team, with tiers initially being decided by your MMR. Wins and losses may change your tournament tier over time.

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