DotEmu’s online store is closing

The once popular DRM-free PC games store DotEmu has announced plans to close later this year.

DotEmu opened its store back in 2010, selling not just its own PC ports but also titles from partners such as Sega, Rebellion and Focus. The model was similar to that seen with GOG, which is also owned by a developer. However, while CD Projekt’s portal has gone from strength to strength, DotEmu has not been able to do the same.

Sales of titles have already been halted, but existing customers have until June 1st to download any games they have already purchased. They’ll remain playable after this date, but will not be available for redownloading.

After over 6 years of good and loyal service, we sadly inform you that we have decided to definitely close DotEmu’s online store,” the studio said. It was a place where thousands of PC gamers had been able to find and to buy their favorite retro games but we have no choice but to close it with a heavy heart.

Unfortunately, there are more and more companies that sell games on the online market, the competition is fiercer than it used to be. On the other side, it’s been now a few years that we’re focusing on the development/publishing of console and mobile games instead of distribution. This is the reason why we, DotEmu, have decided to shut the store down.

Be assured, we will be still looking for great retro games for our community because our mission remains the same: give every gamer access to yesteryear’s classic video games on today’s platforms, including PC, mobile, console and more.”

The closure of the store does not mean that DotEmu is shutting, however. It is currently working on ports of several titles, including Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap. Presumably these will now be sold on other platforms such as GOG and Steam.

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