Deal secures rights to the Mantis Engine, too

Double Eleven acquires Mantis Racing developer, VooFoo Studios

UK developer and publisher Double Eleven has acquired Mantis Burn Racing studio, VooFoo Studios, for an undisclosed sum.

The acquisition – which reportedly took place back in December 2018 and also sees Double Eleven assume the rights to VooFoo’s Mantis Engine – boosts Double Eleven’s staff count to over 70 (thanks,

"With VooFoo’s track record of clean design and strong execution, along with their breadth of experience, we’re looking forward to a relationship that will positively impact the type of entertainment experiences we can offer," said Double Eleven CEO and co-founder Lee Hutchinson.

"One of the major challenges for us has been discoverability," VooFoo’s marketing and PR manager Sean Walsh told MCV during its tenth anniversary in 2017. "It’s important to find your niche, work out what you’re good at and be creative. For an indie studio to be successful, you need to remain agile and prepared to adapt to [any] challenges. Grow at your own pace and remember, it’s important to take as much from your disappointments as you do from your successes.

"It’s safe to say the past ten years have been eventful! It has, however, always been interesting and we wouldn’t want it any other way. We’re incredibly lucky to work in such a diverse and innovative industry that offers so many opportunities, none more so than for indie studios like ourselves," Walsh added. 

"Of course, it hasn’t always been easy. There have been challenges, particularly during our first few years of business, when lack of access to funding led to uncertainties over whether games would actually see the light of day. We had to balance maintaining a busy workload with a strategy that brought long-term sustainability, and for a small team in a notoriously unpredictable industry that can be tough."

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