Double Fine repackages Broken Age as Season Pass offering

Double Fine has decided to forego an Early Access release of its adventure game Broken Age, instead electing to move forward with the Season Pass method for the title.

The studio revealed to Kickstarter backers that it has decided to shift the point and click title into a two-act Season Pass offering.

Double Fine had previously detailed plans for a Steam Early Access release of Broken Age’s initial act in an unfinished state to raise funding for polish and completion of the second act.

"You may recall that at one point Broken Age was planned for release under the Steam Early Access program," the developer wrote.

"This is no longer the case. For various logistical reasons, and because we believe Act 1 is a polished and satisfying piece of content in its own right, Broken Age will be a standard Steam release that includes a ‘Season Pass’ granting access to Act 2 once it is complete."

The company has released PC, Mac, and Linux versions of Act 1 today for Kickstarter backers, with a full public launch planned for January 28th—either way, owners will receive Act 2 as a free update when it’s released.

Double Fine plans to bring Broken Age to iOS, Android, and Ouya at some point as well. Here’s a look at the new trailer:

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