Dragon’s Lair creator takes to Kickstarter seeking $550,000 for film adaptation

Dragon’s Lair co-creator Don Bluth and film producer Gary Goldman have taken to Kickstarter to fund a motion picture adaptation of the franchise.

The ex-Disney veterans are looking to raise $550,000 to create a version of the film that can be pitched to major film studios or investors. The pair has an impressive list of animated motion picture credits between the two of them, including work on The Land Before Time, Titan AE, The Secret of Nimh, Anastasia, An American Tail and more.

As the campaign points out, a film on the level they’re aiming for can cost anywhere between $55m to $240m – and that’s without taking the standard $100m international marketing budget into account. Thus, Bluth and Goldman are approaching Kickstarter as an opportunity to bring the project to life, as opposed to trying to fund their idea entirely through the effort.

The project has some work left to reach its goal at time of publication, having raised just over $130,000 from 1,479 backers with 21 days remaining in the campaign.

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