Drew Barrymore is hosting a Pokémon 20th Anniversary celebration

This weekend, an event celebrating Pokmon’s 20th birthday will be hosted by none other than ET, Charlie’s Angels and Never Been Kissed star Drew Barrymore.

The Los Angeles event – dubbed the Pokmon Afternoon Soiree – is being held tomorrow (Saturday, February 27th), and will be an ‘intimate’ celebration of the monster-catching brand’s 20th anniversary, specifically its explosion into fashion, accessories and home decor.

The event is being held at the Sunset Tower – which admittedly does sound like a location from a Pokmon game – and will be attended by ‘the most highly sought after stylists, bloggers and influencers’.

"I’m immersed in branding and brand expansion every day with my own companies and I think what Pokmon has done here is so smart and such a perfect way to expand their footprint," said Barrymore.

Celebrity stylist Petra Flannery added: "The translation of Pokmon to fashion and accessories is genius with all of the new and clever categories. There’s something for just about everyone in the family.”

Image credit: Glyn Lowe

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