Driver: San Francisco available on PSN – for £57.99

Digital retail will be the end of the High Street. Or not, if these sorts of decisions continue.

As part of this week’s PlayStation Network update, Ubisoft’s recent release Driver: San Francisco – which hit retail on September 2nd – is available to download in full.

That kills off any hopes of retail shifting copies of the PS3 version, right? Wrong. The price for it is an eye-watering 57.99.

Online the game can currently be purchased for 32.86 from If gamers try really hard they might find some copies on the High Street for as much as 49.99. Still, at least PSN beats CDWow’s 58.49 price.

Other arrivals on PSN this week include EA’s Burnout Crash (7.99), Far Cry 2 (15.99) and Resident Evil HD (15.99, or 7.98 to PS+ members).

There’s also a big sale on numerous PS3 and PSP sale including 4 off all three Prince of Persia HD titles.

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