Driving genre needs Gran Turismo 5

An elongated development cycle can sometimes be the death knell of a highly anticipated title, but Sony has insisted that the five-year wait for Gran Turismo 5 will not lead to critical disappointment.

Far from looking dated, it will look state of the art,” SCE Worldwide Studios Europe VP Michael Denny told sister site Develop.

I think it is the game that the driving genre absolutely needs. And Gran Turismo for PlayStation will move that on again.”

Furthermore, Denny asserted that Gran Turismo remains the PlayStation brand’s flagship title, meaning that taking the time needed to get it absolutely right is very much the right decision.

I think when you have got a game like Gran Turismo, which is THE PlayStation franchise, then you want the game to be absolutely right and to the highest quality,” he continued.

I think that now we’ve announced the date and we know this is a Gran Turismo year, it’s not only exciting for us at PlayStation company, but for PlayStation fans and consumers. And it’s going to be bigger and better than ever. From a worldwide studio perspective, our strategy is always to concentrate on the highest quality possible.

We need exclusive games that differentiates our platform, Gran Turismo has always been our flagship title and I am sure it is going to be that again.”

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