DSi launches in Europe

Nintendo has launched its DSi console across Europe – and told MCV that the device’s new functions will ensure that consumers see DS as exciting and innovative”.

The handheld, which features, a camera, sound playback and downloads via the DSiWare service, carries a retail price of 149.99 in the UK.

With Nintendo DSi it is our intention to launch a new member of the Nintendo DS family that will offer new forms of entertainment and enjoyment, ensuring that customers continue to see the Nintendo DS as an exciting, innovative product,” said Nintendo’s senior product manager for handheld James Honeywell.

We hope that the various new features will be useful and fun in everyday life and will encourage you to take your Nintendo DSi with you wherever you go. As you start to customise the DSi for yourself, storing your images and sound files in your own DSi, it will increasingly become personal and an integral part of your life.”

You can read our full preview of the Nintendo DSi here.

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