Dutch court orders Pirate Party silence

A Dutch court has ordered Netherland’s The Pirate Party to stop publicising ways in which consumers can circumvent blocks put on The Pirate Bay.

Two of the country’s biggest ISPs have previously been ordered to block access to the site. Five additional ISPs have also been ordered to follow suit.

The Pirate Party has subsequently been offering free advise for those wishing to regain access.

However, the BBC reports that following a complaint from anti-piracy group Brein the party has now been told to withdraw the information.

The Pirate Party described the development as "a slap in the face for the free internet".

"The judge decided to give the Netherlands another nudge on the gliding scale of censorship.

More and more bits of the internet will have to be censored because they might be used to get access to ‘infringing’ sites, until eventually most of the internet will be unreachable."

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