Dyack resurrects Shadow of the Eternals (and criticises the press) once again

A game long ago dubbed as the spiritual successor to GameCube outing Eternal Darkness is amazingly on the verge of yet another comeback.

Games journo favourite Denis Dyack has resurfaced once more. No, not as part of Silicon Knights. That closed in 2013. And no, not as part of Precursor Games. That was also scrapped in 2013. Dyack remains for the time being part of Quantum Entanglement Entertainment, which he formed in, you guessed it, 2013.

Dyack has launched a new video series called The Quantum Tunnel, which he promises will offer "an unprecedented look into the making of film, television and video games". In it he also promises yet another resurrection for Shadow of the Eternals.

Dyack has also taken the opportunity to renew his attack on the press.

Back in 2013 the developer singled out Kotaku for a piece he argued was unfair and under researched, basically refuting every accusation and denying that some seemingly dubious T&Cs in the Shadow of the Eternals crowdfunding were anything to worry about.

There are some extremely unethical press out there, like Kotaku,” he has now continued. There are several others – Jim Sterling. These guys are not good for the industry. But you also have some very good press out there. But at the end of the day a lot of unethical people were saying that we’re doing things that were underhanded, some saying that it was a scam. These people shouldn’t be in the industry as far as I’m concerned.”

Dyack added that it was the negative press coverage that stopped the Kickstarter [for Shadow of the Eternals] from going forward.” Presumably he means both Kickstarters, as the game’s first crowdfunding effort was abandoned while the second fell way, way short of its target?

Dyack does not clarify whether it was the press that was to blame for Precursor Games co-founder Ken McCulloch being sentenced for the distribution of child pornography? Or whether the press was behind Silicon Knights’ court defeat at the hands of Epic and that it was ordered to destroy unsold copies of X-Men: Destiny and Too Human?

With such strong evidence of huge public demand for his game, we keenly await future news from the studio.

In the mean time, here’s the video to enjoy:

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