Dying Light dev: There is room for more zombie games

Think the games market is overrun with the undead? Not at all, insist Dead Island and Dying Light developer Techland.

Speaking to MCV, global marketing director Pawel Kopinski said that the sheer number of zombie titles in
the market is an indication of their popularity, and that there’s room for more competitors – as long as the game is good.

I think the wealth of zombie games out there actually helps to prove that there is a healthy market for them,” Kopinski said.

Naysayers frequently talk of over-saturation, yet players are showing their support time and time again for these games. I think a big reason for this is that ‘zombie game’ isn’t a strict genre. It’s a setting or a theme that you can adapt to various game genres.

You can have a zombie theme built around an open world title, around shooters, linear narrative driven games, survival games and so on. We saw that the key is to do something unique and well-polished with the setting so you stand out from the crowd.”

You can read more from Techland in this week’s MCV.

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