E3 08: Miyamoto confirms new Pikmin

Not content with developing

new instalments to its Mario and Zelda

franchises (

we think

) and announcing a

brand new Animal Crossing

title for Wii, Nintendo has now let it slip that a brand new Pikmin adventure is on the way.

Eurogamer reports that at an E3 developer roundtable, Nintendo’s development legend Shigeru Miyamoto admitted that his firm’s cherished collect-a-thon series is in full development.

"I’m actually on the same floor as all of my staff, and I sit at the same type of desk as all of them,” he enthused. Because of all the communication involved I try and sit as close as possible. Among those staff, there’s staff from the Pikmin team, staff from the Zelda team, and they’re all enjoying creating new games.

"So we continue with investigating all types of games. When it’s time to announce such a title, I’ll announce it – so look forward to it."

Then, with all present preparing to move onto another subject, Miyamoto added we’re making Pikmin”.

Obviously, there’s no word on date, or even platform yet, but odds have to be on a Wii version, surely.

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