E3 08: Sega resurrects Golden Axe

A new next-gen outing for retro franchise Golden Axe lead Sega’s offering at this year’s E3.

Golden Axe: Beast Rider takes the classic on-foot brawler and throws beast-mounted combat into the mix in a game that promises to expand upon the mythology first explored in the 1989 arcade and Mega Drive hit.

Also on show is the first title to emerge from Sega’s partnership with cult Japanese developers Platinum Games, Madworld. This Wii-only release, which is due out next year, sees players taking part in a life-or-death game called Death Watch that is organised by some rather peculiar terrorists.

Retro enthusiasts were excited about Aliens: Colonial Marines’ developer Gearbox’s take on cherished Dreamcast IP Samba de Amigo, which is due out on Wii this September. Replacing the original maracas with use of the Wii’s motion-sensing Remote and Nunchuck, the game boasts not only lots of classic Sega content but also downloadable songs. Sadly, the aforementioned Aliens title was nowhere to be seen.

Another game catching the eye was Alpha Protocol, a 360, PS3 and PC title being developed by Obsidian, the team behind Knight of the Old Republic II and Sega’s upcoming Alien RPG.

Other titles getting an LA airing included Japanese PS2 cult classic Yakuza 2, DS pair Bleach: Dark Souls and Dinosaur King, PC shooter Space Siege and tactical RPG fighter Valkyria Chronicles.

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