E3 08: Square Enix lists its show titles

Square Enix has outlined its range of titles for the E3 expo in Los Angeles, which is lead by high-profile Xbox 360 exclusive Infinite Undiscovery and next-gen RPG The Last Remnant.

The first title, which is due out in September, is important milestone for both the publisher and Japanese Xbox 360 fans. The Final Fantasy team is promising a real-time world containing dynamic large-scale battles and changeable environments. Last Remnant, which is due out on both 360 and PS3, promises to be a benchmark RPG title boasting a graphical richness surpassing anything to emerge from the publisher before.

Other titles on show will include the DS remake of cherished PlayStation title Chrono Trigger and the next instalment in the insanely popular Dragon Quest series, Chapters of the Chosen, which for the first time will be exclusive on Nintendo’s handheld. The company will also show of its DS port of Final Fantasy IV.

The PSP will see Star Ocean pair First Departure and Second Evolution, whilst another title in the series, The Last Hope, will also be shown for Xbox 360. Square Enix will also show off its iPod title Song Summoner.

With simultaneous global releases for several platforms on their way, gamers around the world will be able to experience the full grandeur of our games as never before,” the firm’s president and chief executive officer John Yamamoto stated.

Additionally, Square Enix has offerings at this year’s E3 for every gamer, from fan favourites newly available on portable platforms to casual games accessible to a wide range of users.”

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