E3 08: This is the year of PS3

Sony Computer Entertainment of America CEO Jack Tretton has kicked off today’s E3 press conference in LA by telling a packed auditorium: This is the year of the PS3” and boasting that PS3 has the biggest exclusives in the industry.”

Tretton (pictured) promised the crowd that the company was just getting started” and only scratching the surface” of the company’s ten-year plan for the system – pointed at the Sony’s successes with the long lifecycles of PSOne and PS2.

He announced:

The PlayStation brand is really hitting its stride, with a line-up that features the biggest exclusives in the industry.

2008 is the year of PS3, but we’re just getting started. We’ve just begun to scratch the service of what we plan to deliver ahead. The seeds were sewn 15 years ago this week, on July 20th – when we faced the red light or green light about whether the company should make its own console.

We wanted more intense, more vivid and more powerful our customers could expect different, because we expected something different.

"What really made Sony different is we took a longer look ahead.”

He added: Two years ago, we had another ten-year vision with PS3… If we’d have asked them is they needed all this power, they may have said no. But as Henry Ford once said, if I’d have asked my customers what they wanted, they’d have said: ‘A faster horse.’”

PS3 offers an experience for both gamers and developers no other console can match.

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