E3 2010: Conference roundup

New hardware, new games, concrete release dates and even some price points – this year’s E3 may not have offered any major surprises (other than perhaps an actual release date for Gran Turismo 5!) but it certainly had plenty to offer both hardcore and causal gamers alike.

Here’s a roundup of every announcement to emerge from each of the platform holder press conferences.


* Xbox Slim revealed, on its way to retail
* UK launch date of July 16th for Xbox 360 Slim
* Kinect gets November 4th launch date in North America
* Call of Duty DLC to get times Xbox exclusivity until 2012
* Metal Gear Solid Rising gets Kinect support
* GAME starts taking Kinect pre-orders price still TBC
* Crytek reveals Xbox 360 exclusive Codename Kingdoms
* Star Wars Kinect feels the Force
* Fable III takes to the stage
* Ubisoft reveals Kinect fitness title
* Gears of War 3 gets demoed
* Forza 4 announced, gets Kinect support
* Microsoft reveals controller-less Video Kinect software
* Total Halo series sales reach 34m worldwide
* Kinectimals gives Xbox 360 the cute factor
* ESPN signs free content deal for Gold subscribers
* Kinect Sports revealed
* Kinect gets lenghty demo
* Dance Central eyes big audience
* Doubters silenced by impressive Kinect demonstration
* Microsoft eyes 100m userbase
* 2010 "a year of transformation" for Xbox


* 3DS unveiled
* Zelda Skyward Sword announced
* No launch date for 3DS
* Has Vitality Sensor flatlined?
* Wide publisher support for 3DS praised
* Kid Icarus to front 3DS march
* Donkey Kong Country Returns
* 3D move support for 3DS
* Mario Sports debuts
* Epic Mickey due this Q4
* NBA Jam takes to the stage
* Just Dance 2 dated for Christmas
* Wii Party dated
* Reggie refutes ‘Wii slump claims’
* Goldeneye gets officially unveiled
* Kirby’s Epic Yarn debuts
* Metroid Other M gets US date
* Nintendo’s & Cats heading to 3DS


* Move given price, launch date
* Gran Turismo 5 gets release date
* Valve connects Steam to PS3
* PSN subscription service on the way
* PS3 gets exclusive content for Medal of Honor and Dead Space 2
* Current PS3 titles get Move update
* New game Sorcery revealed
* Gran Tuismo 5 confirmed for 3D
* Killzone 3 dated
* Twisted Metal PS3 closes show
* Final Fantasy XIV showcased
* Third parties show big 3D support
* Sony ‘fronting 3D movement’
* 70 new PSP games promised by Christmas
* 40 publishers working on Move games
* Sly Cooper coming to PS3 in 3D
* Heroes on the Move announced
* Move ties massive Coca-Cola promo deal
* New PSP ad drive kicks off
* LittleBigPlanet 2 gets demoed
* Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood gets PS3-only content
* Infamous 2 coming in 2011

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