E3 2010 Day One – Miss anything?

Although the actual Expo itself doesn’t start until later today, yesterday E3 was opened in spectacular fashion, with Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft and Virgin press conferences.

Between them a raft of new hardware, online services and original games were unveiled. And MCV has been reporting on every single detail.

But if you don’t have enough time to sift through the 100+ stories we’ve posted in the show’s first 24 hours don’t despair. The following guide summaries all the key info.


Xbox Kinect and redesigned 360 revealed
Early word on Microsoft’s big E3 announcements – renamed Natal and new console – leak out

Microsoft E3 announcement roundup
Kinect dated; New machine heading to retail right now; Call of Duty DLC goes exclusive to Xbox

EA E3 announcement roundup
Gun Club service; Crysis goes 3D; new Need for Speed; key release dates announced

Ubisoft E3 announcement roundup
Michael Jackson: The Game, Driver: San Francisco, Child of Eden and Project Dust announced

Virgin Gaming goes public
Branson confirms WorldGaming swoop; Cash rewards for best PSN/XB gamers; $1m up for grabs


Your Shape Kinect revealed
The first (in what is sure to be many) Kinect fitness games announced by Ubisoft

Dance Central announced
Microsoft teams up with Harmonix for dance game

THQ goes WWE crazy
Three games on the way including WWE All Stars and Smackdown vs Raw Online

Next Assassin’s Creed set for November
WATCH THE VIDEO: Trailer for ACII spin-off Brotherhood reveals November 16th date for US

Konami nabs Glee game rights
TV show gets Karaoke Revolution-branded spin-off game

Wii GoldenEye trailer leaked
WATCH THE VIDEO: Footage of Activision’s Bond remake

Driver: SF officially announced
Ubisoft confirms series reboot set in San Francisco, features Shift ability and multiplayer

Star Wars Kinect video
Catch a taster of how long-awaited lightsaber game will work… in theory

Sonic Free Riders races onto Kinect
Sega announces Sonic launch title for Xbox 360 motion device

New 360 hardware officially revealed
Brand new design being shipped out to retail right now

Biggest Loser Kinect announced
THQ unveils newest The Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout for Xbox 360

Star Wars Kinect game revealed
LucasArts working on lightsaber title due 2011

Fable III dated
Oct 26th arrival for Microsoft’s epic new RPG on Xbox 360

El Shaddai announced
Biblical fantasy adventure heading to Xbox 360 and PS3 next year

Crysis 2 goes 3D
Another triple-A franchise goes 3D on all platforms – including Xbox 360

Fallout: New Vegas dated
Obsidian-developed Fallout 3 sequel to hit shelves on October 22nd

Mel B fitness game announced
Black Bean working on motion-sensitive multi-format fitness title with former Spice Girl

THQ signs Itagaki game
Famed Japanese creator’s new Valhall studio signs ‘ground-breaking’ publishing deal

Bulletstorm dated for Feb 2011
Epic Games’ EA-published shooter given ship date of February 22nd 2011

Next NFS hits mid-November
Criterion-developed Need For Speed Hot Pursuit ‘takes franchise back to its roots’

Dead Space 2 set for January release
Horror game set for release on January 25th in North America and January 28th in Europe

EA’s Sports Active gets Kinect-ed
Fitness franchise heading for new Microsoft controller

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam unveiled
DLC sequel takes players to new environments

‘Gun Club’ online hub for EA shooters
New loyalty program moves to unite action games and reward gamers with content and early access demos

MoH beta hits next week
EA provides early access to content in blockbuster franchise’s return


2010 a ‘transformation year’ for Xbox
A decade after conception, Xbox Live, 360 hardware and Kinect herald new era for console

Xbox price drop
Platform holder confirms it is no longer producing older model and wants to clear stock

3D ‘a quantum leap’ for games
Crytek shows off Crysis 2 in stereoscopic 3D for consoles and PC

UK suffers Xbox Slim wait
Though new machine is already on the way to US stores, UK gamers must wait until July 16th

Microsoft eyes ‘audience of 100m’
Format-holder laughs in the face of puny 10m+ figures, wants to reach hundreds of millions

Forza 4 gets Kinect support
Motorsport ‘sim’ joins Star Wars and MGS Rising as ‘non-casual’ games for 360 motion control system

Kinect dated in US
Microsoft’s new device set for November 4th; 15 titles available from Day 1

Demo proves Kinect doubters wrong
Impressive display of motion gaming proves beyond doubt that Microsoft’s new tech works

Kinectimals coming to 360
Kids pets game revealed at Microsoft’s E3 press conference

Halo series tops 34m
Dogfights and more deadly melee kills confirmed for next Halo

Kinect demoed on stage
General manager of Xbox Live Mark Whitten talks about Xbox 360’s new controllerless future

Video Kinect announced
Video chat service revealed at Microsoft’s E3 press conference

Gears of War 3 takes to stage
Cliff Bleszinski showcases new footage at Microsoft press conference

MGS Rising to use Kinect
Hideo Kojima shows off motion-compatible gameplay for next Metal Gear title

Ubi fitness game ‘transforms’ exercise
New Kinect game Your Shape: Fitness Evolved aims to trump Wii Fit

CoD DLC exclusivity confirmed
Treyarch’s studio head Mark Lamia confirms Xbox exclusivity for Call of Duty DLC until 2012

Codename Kingdoms announced
Crytek teams with Microsoft for exclusive new title

de Blob 2 goes 3D
THQ officially announces sequel to popular Wii platformer, reveals multiformat push

A look at Kinect’s games
Kinect Sports, Kinect Adventure, Dance Central, Your Shape: Fitness Evolved and Joy Ride

BBC: Move more precise than Kinect
Tech correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones voices concerns about Microsoft’s Kinect

Donkey Kong for Wii
RUMOUR WATCH: Metroid devs Retro Studios said to be working on new DK title

Eminem in COD: Black Ops
Controversial rapper joins likes of Pharrell Williams and Usher in Activision’s impressive musical line-up

SingStar Dance on the way?
Sony rumoured to be revealing a Move-compatible karaoke title this week

Microsoft preparing 3D announcement
Confirmation that Crysis 2 will be in 3D on Xbox points to big news at tonight’s press conference

E3 2010: 500GB PS3 incoming
Rumours point to two new PS3 hardware SKUs including slightly revised innards

Kinect in pictures
Official shots of Microsoft’s renamed motion controller

Xbox 360 Slim set for tonight
Same outlet that leaked Natal’s rebranding also shows picture

The MCV Interviews
MCV talks to SCEE’s Andrew House, Nintendo’s Laurent Fischer and Microsoft’s Chris Lewis about this year’s industry gathering

Kinect set for November launch
As Microsoft unveils latest version of its controlleress device in LA

Xbox Kinect and redesigned 360 revealed
Early word on Microsoft’s big E3 announcements – renamed Natal and new console – leak out

Double-SKU for Xbox Kinect?
Latest report says Microsoft camera comes in two flavours – most expensive costs $189 (129)

E3 2010: Lightsaber game for Kinect
Games starring ‘favourite’ characters heading to Microsoft motion-sensor

Nintendo ‘set things in motion’ for Kinect
Format-holder credits rival for breaking barriers between players and controllers

Xbox ‘Kinect’ leaked by ad
Italian ad touts potential peripheral name and new-look 360 console hardware. But is it genuine?

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