E3 2010: Driver: SF officially announced

Driver: San Francisco has been confirmed as the new title for Ubisoft’s latest getaway game.

The game was officially announced at the publisher’s E3 press conference and takes place entirely in San Francisco, as MCV reported last week.

Driver: SF takes place after the events of Driver 3 and shows the series’ protagonist Tanner in a coma. It’s not confirmed whether the in-game missions are set in memories or fantasies, but Tanner’s comatose state gives him a new Shift ability, which allows him to warp between cars at any point.

Ubisoft also confirmed that the game would return the Driver series to its roots by focusing solely on driving, with Shift negating the need to swap cars on foot. The game will also include multiplayer features.

Driver: San Francisco will be released this Christmas on PS3, Xbox 360, PC and Mac. A separate Wii title is also in the works.

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