E3 2010: Kinect will get core games

With core game support for Move growing at a steady pace, the lack of traditional Xbox titles included in the Kinect launch line-up has stirred a few feathers. But Microsoft Game Studios’ corporate VP Phil Spencer says that this will be rectified… over time.

Do I think that over time you’ll see what I’ll call a broader set of games? Yes,” he told IGN.

Every one of our studios has Kinect and they’re thinking about ways that technology, that part of the platform, can impact the creative that they’re doing. Turn10 got on stage and showed how they think it integrates into the Forza experience. I thought that was good.”

And keeping very much in line with the casual, family-friendly nature of the platform holder’s E3 showing, Spencer was keen to point out that there’s more to gaming than just the core audience.

It’s entertainment for everybody,” he added. We went out with a launch portfolio of more than 15 games for Kinect this holiday, thinking that we have something for everybody.

Now, gaming is broad already. There are a lot of people out there with different tastes. We can look at what sells and you see a lot of different things selling. Now at launch are we going to touch everybody with their specific instance of what they want? Some yes, some no.”

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