E3 2010: Sony roundup

It had surprises, it had release dates, but most of all Sony’s just completed E3 press conference had confidence – the platform holder clearly believes in its offer and is very much sizing up Microsoft in the battle for second place in the video games market.

Kicking off with a February release date for Killzone 3, the company went on to stress the key role it is playing in the 3D market – and not just in gaming either. Sony is the only firm to offer an end-to-end 3D solution”, according to Kaz Hirai.

An abundance of games will be supporting PS3’s new 3D tech, including Gran Turismo 5 and the HD reboot of Sly Cooper.

Oh, and speaking of Gran Turismo 5, it’s got a release date too. Honest. It’s out on November 2nd.

A date and price for PlayStation Move was very welcome news, too – particularly for Europeans who will be getting their hands on the device first. The $49.99 price point was also a welcome surprise.

Some would argue, though, that the confirmation that Valve is finally on board the PS3 bandwagon was the biggest announcement of the show. Portal 2 is confirmed for the console, as is a PS3 version of online tools suite Steamworks.

Here’s a run-down of all the Sony E3 conference news:

* Move given price, launch date
* Gran Turismo 5 gets release date
* Valve connects Steam to PS3
* PSN subscription service on the way
* PS3 gets exclusive content for Medal of Honor and Dead Space 2
* Current PS3 titles get Move update
* New game Sorcery revealed
* Gran Tuismo 5 confirmed for 3D
* Killzone 3 dated
* Twisted Metal PS3 closes show
* Final Fantasy XIV showcased
* Third parties show big 3D support
* Sony ‘fronting 3D movement’
* 70 new PSP games promised by Christmas
* 40 publishers working on Move games
* Sly Cooper coming to PS3 in 3D
* Heroes on the Move announced
* Move ties massive Coca-Cola promo deal
* New PSP ad drive kicks off
* LittleBigPlanet 2 gets demoed
* Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood gets PS3-only content
* Infamous 2 coming in 2011

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