E3 2010: UFC-branded fitness game on the way

THQ is working on a unique exercise game.

The publisher confirmed at E3 this week that it is working on a UFC-inspired fitness game for Kinect, PS Move, and Wii.

Unlike other games in the genre the game will be targeted primarily at men, MCV understands. (Men aspiring to be massive man-mountains with necks thicker than their heads – just like the best UFC fighters – we assume.)

But like other exercise games THQ expects it to do well in the post-Christmas season when consumers think about getting in shape and shaving kilograms of mince pies from their physiques.

The game is due in January and is called UFC Trainer.

It’s a spin-off of THQ’s surprise success UFC, the Ultimate Fighting Championship game that debuted strongly last year – a sequel was released just last month.

But the new game is not on show at E3 – THQ only revealed the game during an investors meeting.

THQ’s core games boss Danny Bilson said he wants to demo it only when the game ready for the market.

"We want this thing tuned to perfection without lag," GameSpot quotes him as saying – which suggests THQ’s developers are also still getting used to perfecting making content for Kinect.

"And I’m not going to ship it until it’s the coolest fighting thing in the world."

It’s probably for the best that it’s not on show at E3 anyway – a raft of fitness games have been unveiled at the event this year, including Kinect-focused Your Shape from Ubisoft and EA’s Sports Active 2.

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