E3 2010: Xbox Kinect and redesigned 360 revealed

A flurry of web reports and leaks tonight have confirmed that Microsoft has renamed Natal to Kinect – and that it will unveil a redesigned 360 at E3 this week.

Earlier this evening an Italian ad on a consumer games site outed the new look 360 (pictured) and claimed the device, with wi-fi as standard and 250GB storage, is compatible with ‘Kinect’.

USA Today has since confirmed the name as the new moniker for Project Natal, the 3D camera motion-sensor unveiled at last year’s E3 in Los Angeles.

And that’s not all – other reports are suggesting Kinect will launch in two flavours, including a high-end $189 dollar version.

Need to know more? We’ve summarised this evening’s headlines below – click through for more info.

USA Today confirms Kinect name and games
New report details support from MTV Games, LucasArts, Disney

Double-SKU for Xbox 360 Kinect?
Latest report says Microsoft camera comes in two flavours – most expensive costs $189 (129)

Xbox ‘Kinect’ and slim 360 leaked by ad
Italian ad touts potential peripheral name and new-look 360 console hardware

Star Wars and Disney properties set for Kinect
Games starring ‘favourite’ characters heading to Microsoft motion-sensor

Nintendo ‘set things in motion’ for Microsoft’s Kinect
Format-holder credits rival for breaking barriers between players and controllers

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