E3 2011: Rare developing voice-focused Kinect title

Rare is reportedly working on a new Kinect title where voice control is a big focus.

In an interview with 123Kinect, Rare’s studio manager Scott Henson said the developer is working very hard on a big demo at E3 that will involve the voice aspect far more during gameplay.”

Rare is expected to take the stage later today at Microsoft’s E3 press conference to share more details on this project, which may or may not relate to a Kinect Sports sequel.

Earlier this year, Henson told MCV that Rare was just scratching the surface” of what’s possible with voice commends on Kinect.

Microsoft is still yet to update Kinect’s voice recognition to work outside the US and UK, though they may announce news of it regarding Xbox’s autumn system update.

Story originally published on Develop

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