E3 2012: MS to join Sony by announcing streaming game strategy

Sony may not be the only platform holder to announce a streaming content strategy at E3 this week.

Kotaku reports that Microsoft could use E3 to unveil ‘Xbox Live Companion’, a new feature that will allow users to stream some Xbox 360 content onto smartphones and tablets.

It adds, however, that the reveal might take place at a later date after the LA expo has closed its doors for the year.

It is said to be compatible with iOS and Android devices, as well as Windows Phone. Developers would then have the option to use the second device as a companion” to the game, streaming content directly from the console in real-time via Wi-Fi.

Microsoft will code and supply the app on the Android and iOS stores. XBL Gold members will supposedly receive extra functionality not available to free non-subscribing Silver users.

As Kotaku rightly notes, the advantage of Microsoft’s proposal is that a large number of existing Xbox 360 users already own a suitable phone or tablet.

It also claims that the end goal is for full-game streaming in some circumstances.

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