E3 2012: Sony still keen on 3D, despite E3 no-show

There was a time when Sony wouldn’t stop talking about 3D. That time was a long time ago.

But despite the lack of 3D focus from the platform holder at this year’s E3, Sony insists that it’s still committed to the technology – albeit in a more selective way.

It’s something that’s now moving into the mature phase,” Sony Europe CEO Jim Ryan told CVG. You only have so much time at [E3 presentations] and there was an attempt at yesterday’s conference to make it shorter – which I thought was excellent.

3D was the new thing two years ago – it’s not the new thing anymore. It’s just part of the bedrock of content development and publishing.”

It had also been suggested at one point that stereoscopic 3D support had become mandatory for first party Sony games. If that was the case, it certainly is not any more.

Where appropriate, yes,” Ryan replied when asked if major first-party games still support 3D as standard. Not where it doesn’t make sense, but where appropriate – absolutely.”

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