E3 Bingo: Play along with MCV and win prizes. Maybe.

Here we go again, right?

It’s E3 time, so that means major announcements, tenuous celebrity appearances, technical muck-ups, stressful scheduling and ladies covered (or not covered) in promotional apparel.

At times, it may feel like you already know everything E3 will have to offer this week – and its during these times that you can turn to MCV’s E3 Bingo.

We’ve compiled a card full of feasible, not-so-feasible and almost certain predictions about the sights and sounds we can expect from the Los Angeles Convention Centre this week. See how many you can spot and you could win a prize. Hopefully.

Here’s how it works:

  • Randomly cross out 14 of the 32 squares so that you have your own unique bingo card.
  • Tweet a picture of your card to @MCVonline with "Ready for E3! #E3bingo #Ilovemcv #Idontreallyunderstandhashtags"
  • Keep yourself abreast of this week’s announcements via MCVuk.com, keep your eyes peeled if you’re at the show and cross off any squares that apply
  • If you manage to cross off all 18 of your squares, tweet a photo to @MCVOnline

Winners may receive a mystery prize, one that may or may not be far better than any of the freebies available on the E3 show floor.

Behold, your MCV E3 2013 Bingo card:

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