E3 was soulless, says Peter Moore

EA Sports president Peter Moore has added his vote to the growing consensus that E3 was lacking a certain something – calling the event soulless”.

Speaking on his official blog, Moore said that this year’s event lacked an epicentre” and gave no indication that we are the fastest growing entertainment medium in the world”.

He wrote:

There was a palpable sense of frustration at the structure and logistics from all participants, from publishers like ourselves to the working press and financial analysts.

Soulless and lacking an epicenter, the fragmented layout gave no indication whatsoever that we are the fastest growing entertainment medium in the world.

While I am not sure I want to revert back to the old days of excess and one-upmanship, I do know that this format isn’t working…”

However, Moore had some suggestions for how to improve the show last year – and advocated both EA working closely with E3 organiser the ESA, and inviting select members of the gaming community.

Moore is the latest major publisher boss to question the setup of E3 2008, following in the footsteps of his boss, John Riccitiello, Ubisoft’s Laurent Detoc and Sega’s Simon Jeffery.

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