EA appeals to parents with Create

One of the most unusual games in EA’s Q4 line-up is aimed at parents.

Create is a new art package that gives players the tools to decorate worlds and add props to complete puzzles.

The publisher says this unique concept was developed after looking at similar titles on the market that don’t feature family-friendly tools.

We wanted to make this accessible for kids with families who don’t play games regularly,” EA producer Justin Manning told MCV.

Parents want time with their kids to play games but they don’t want to pick up a controller – it’s often intimidating and kids are usually better.

Create allows everybody in the room to get involved. It’s aimed at parents, who can sit with their children, chip in and be constructive while their children are constantly involved and engaged.”

EA also says the game will have long-term appeal rather than a one-off sales burst. The ability to share user-generated content will maintain interest.

Manning added: A lot of titles have a small window of selling but people could pick this up in two years’ time and still enjoy it. Whether it makes a big splash at Christmas or not, people will still be enjoying it quarter after quarter.”

Create is due for release on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PC and Mac this November.

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