EA banks on Wii MotionPlus success

The Wii MotionPlus will revolutionise the sports genre when it hits shelves next month.

At least that’s according to EA, which is set to bundle Nintendo’s new peripheral with copies of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2010 and Grand Slam Tennis.

Our goal for EA Sports titles on the Wii this year is to provide deep, authentic, and accessible motion gameplay experiences,” said EA Sports vice-president and executive producer David McCarthy.

In certain respects I think the Wii MotionPlus has changed how we look at product design, in that it allows us to play to our strengths more than ever.

We’re now able to deliver control solutions that give you the feeling that you are placing wicked top spin on a cross court forehand in Grand Slam Tennis. Users will appreciate the time our designers have spent ensuring you get one-to-one feedback on screen with rotating racket faces, spin and precise ball placement.”

Grand Slam Tennis producer Thomas Singleton added: I think it is going to be very appealing to the masses because it’s great technology and takes gaming to a very authentic and literal level. We are very happy with our MotionPlus controls in Grand Slam Tennis and we definitely feel that this is a huge step forward.”

Grand Slam Tennis is scheduled to arrive on Wii on June 12th, and features all grand slam tournaments, as well as tennis legend John McEnroe. The game will be available with MotionPlus for 49.99. Tiger Woods 10 is scheduled for July 3rd.

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