EA bringing F2P The Simpsons game to iOS

The Simpsons will be hitting iPhone and iPad later this year in a brand new free-to-play game from EA.

Called The Simpsons: Tapped Out, the game will rely on in-app purchases to finance itself. The app will be universal and work on all iOS devices.

The show’s creators have played a big part in the game’s development, with several of its voice actors providing dialogue for the game.

The plot sees Homer causing a nuclear disaster that wipes out much of Springfield. Players are then tasked with rebuilding the town according to their own whim. Many of the cartoon’s stars will appear as playable characters.

"We want this to be one of the biggest titles this year," EA’s senior vice president of global publishing for social and mobile Bernard Kim told CNet. "We’ve invested a lot. It’s absolutely a top-tier development priority for us. Hardcore Simpsons fans will get a lot out of it.

"People that don’t want to pay can still enjoy the title. People who are more impatient can throw a little bit of money at it."

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